La Sirène Crystal Hair Pins — rough crystals
La Sirène Crystal Hair Pins — rough crystals

La Sirène Crystal Hair Pins — rough crystals

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La Sirène Crystal Hair Pin is the ultimate ethereal accessory for your mermaid locks. Hair pin, magic wand and a protective dagger all in one.

Only one of each available - each hair pin has been sculpted by hand and is entirely one of a kind.
Left to right - Apatite, Aquamarine, Tibetan Quartz
Apatite, valued for its charming beauty, upbeat energy and manifestation properties, is a crystal that encourages productivity and quick thinking.
Aquamarine is associated with water and it’s soothing vibration protects the psyche from taking on dark vibrations. It clears the mind and calms the heart, helps relieve stress and heal emotional trauma. Aquamarine is a stone of courage and activates the throat chakra. Formed over millions of years, this gemstone contains healing and vibrant powers of our ancient seas and is used as a protective talisman for good luck and sense of fearlessness.

Tibetan Quartz acts as a psychic cleanser, allowing more full spectrum light to fill our physical and energetic bodies. This crystal is believed to expand our consciousness in order to release emotional attachments and commune with higher planes. 

Brass is an alloy metal that has a bright golden appearance. All Brass pieces are completed with a non-toxic anti-tarnish finish. Unlike gold-plated metals, golden hue of Brass will never wear off and keep it’s beautiful color forever. While Brass may start looking more “antiqued” over time from wear and tear, it is very easy to clean and bring back to it’s original shine. | Care Guide